Save your business money by using vtalk cloud.

Do away with bulky onsite hardware, and switch your business to vtalk cloud for better telephony.

Simple setup

Simply plug your vtalk supplied handset into any network and you're ready to make calls in a matter of minutes.

Voicemail to email

Your voicemails are delivered directly to your inbox so you can listen to them on any device.

Digital Receptionist

Let vtalk take control of your calls, and answer your customers with the ability to specify options for different parts of your business.

Follow Me

Using our FollowMe feature, you can choose where to receive your calls when you're not at your desk.

Calendar Integration

Using our calendar integration, vtalk knows when you're in an important meeting, choosing to send calls to either your FollowMe number or your voicemail.


All data between your handset and vtalk cloud is encrypted using military grade encryption, ensuring the safety of your phone calls.

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